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4 Mistakes to Avoid In Choosing Environmental Cleanup Services

You can find environmental and hazardous materials cleanup services all over Orange and Los Angeles Counties, but you need to carefully check out the company to make sure you have one that is in full compliance with all rules and regulations. At Harbor Environmental Group, we take the job of environmental cleanup serious and provide […]

Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning After Fires and Floods | Harbor Environmental

Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning After Fires and Floods

An event that floods your home or experiencing a small fire will leave your carpet in rough shape. You need to call in professional carpet cleaning as soon as possible to try and salvage your carpeting. At Harbor Environmental Group, we offer the deepest clean possible and leave you with excellent results. Remove Dirty Water […]

Construction Accidents and Biohazard Clean-Up

The construction industry follows many safety guidelines that prevent a majority of possible accidents, but events can occur that are unexpected and can cause traumatic injuries. Large amounts of blood and other biohazard materials left behind can keep everyone locked in the event and unable to process and move forward. It can also present a […]

Keeping Hazardous Waste Manageable | Harbor Environmental Remediation

Keeping Hazardous Waste Manageable

The task of managing hazardous waste materials at your business might seem monumental, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier and safer. You want to take every step possible to ensure the safety of all of your employees and the residents of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Know the […]

How to Properly Handle Asbestos Removal | Orange County Harbor Environmental

How to Properly Handle Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has not been used in building materials for many years, due to the known adverse health effects, but it is still frequently found in older homes. You should contact a professional abatement service if you feel there may be asbestos present in the interior or exterior of your home. The only safe way to […]

Why Do Hazardous Materials Have to Be Treated Differently? | Harbor Environmental Group

Why Do Hazardous Materials Have to Be Treated Differently?

This may seem like a question with an easy answer, but the hazards associated with some materials are not immediately noticeable. This is why there are regulations in place to protect the public from unseen hazards that can adversely affect health years down the road after exposure. Existing Threat to Humans and Animals Many materials […]

Understanding Types of Hazardous Waste | Harbor Environmental Abatement

Understanding Types of Hazardous Waste

Understanding the different types of hazardous waste is important when seeking solutions for dangerous materials generated in your business. The EPA defines four categories of hazardous waste, and each type poses different dangers and requires specific handling procedures and disposal methods. Four Types of Hazardous Waste The four categories of hazardous waste materials are: Toxic […]