Hazardous Substance Removal

Which Government Regulations Apply when Dealing with Hazardous Waste?
It is a tough question to answer because each hazard may have more than one governmental agency dictating how it is to be removed and disposed. Especially in Southern California where regulations are strict.

There are plenty of commercial properties in Orange County that have hazardous waste in them our around them. There are plenty of businesses in Orange County that have hazardous waste issues. Harbor Environmental Group is trained and licensed to, safely, handle hazardous waste cleanup and removal. The hardest part of dealing with hazardous waste are the governmental regulations. That is why Harbor Environmental Group takes the time to train all of its hazardous waste abatement workers to do their jobs safely and within the guidelines of all federal and state agencies. Understanding how to accomplish these feats is why they are the right agency for your hazardous waste cleanup and removal projects.

Harbor Environmental Group offers the following services for hazardous waste removal in Orange County and Southern California:

  • Orange County Hazardous Waste RemovalEvaluation of your entire hazardous area
  • Plan development for clean up and removal
  • Help/Complete all permit applications
  • Safely remove and dispose of waste within the confines of the law
  • Clean the site and make it habitable again
  • General and Commercial grade construction, repair as needed
  • Soil remediation
  • Demolition as needed
  • Specialize in lead paint and Asbestos abatement
Hazardous waste poses a health threat to everyone who comes into contact with the hazard. Because of the high presence of toxins in industrial and commercial businesses, as well as the hazards that accumulate in homes, it is important to dispose of the hazards as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means recycling chemicals, or filtering gaseous materials.

In cases where there is more contamination, such as those that occur when liquids spill and are absorbed by wood, soil, or infiltrate cracks in cement, it may mean that building material needs to be removed, disposed of, and replaced. That is why Harbor Environmental Group works with projects of all sizes. Their expertise in dealing with hazards is an asset to all of the projects that they undertake. They work to complete projects correctly the first time and on budget.