Oil Cleanup Services

Harbor Environmental Group provides oil cleanup services and emergency oil cleanup services in Orange County and around Southern California. The service team is Hazmat trained and certified. Orange County Oil Cleanup ServicesThe company holds licenses or certification for:

The key to dealing with hazardous materials like oil is to be prepared. Harbor Environmental Group is prepared to deal with small oil spills or major environmental emergencies. Beyond the obvious impacts to the environment, oil spills can do significant damage and result in thousands of dollars of damage or repair costs. That is why the Harbor team is trained in the safe techniques for containing oil. Stopping the spread of spilled oil helps to reduce the damage that can occur.

There are many options available for cleaning up oil, but understanding, which option is the best choice, is a skill that is acquired. That is why Harbor Environmental Group spends the time and resources to be prepared to deploy crews that are trained to contain the spill. With specially trained personal on the scene, the goal is to prevent oil from reaching a water source. In conjunction with stopping the spread of the oil, is the process of containing or correcting the cause of the spill. This ranges from transferring oil from one container to another, or applying a patch so that the leak stops.

They use absorbent material to soak up oil and either dispose of the oil per federal, state, and local regulation or we have it recycled so that it can be used again. They are capable of working on solo projects or in conjunction with other teams from the government. They always insure that there is a supervisor on the site that is directing cleanup and abatement efforts. The supervisor is there to help answer your questions. They also have certified plumbers and welders in order to ensure a focused effort, safety, and efficiency. If you have an oil spill and need help, contact Harbor Environmental Group immediately.