Why You Need Environmental Experts to Plan Industrial Construction

Why You Need Environmental Experts to Plan Industrial Construction

The planning and build of industrial structures that handle any type of environmentally hazardous materials need the knowledge of environmental construction experts. At Harbor Environmental Group, we understand the challenges and demands of this type of building in the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.

Environmental Impact Planning

Planning the construction of a business in the Los Angeles County area that handles any type of hazardous materials and waste requires careful planning to meet the tough regulations and compliance requirements that are in place. Environmental specialists like Harbor Environmental Group can offer you the design capabilities required to get you the facilities you need that meet these regulations with ease.

Hazardous Materials Storage

The need to use chemicals and compounds that are considered hazardous materials will require specialized storage areas. It needs to be easy to access but offers a buffer zone of safety for employees and the public. You want to avoid any accidental exposure to people, animals, or the environment.

Hazardous Waste Storage

If your Orange County industrial building will be handling any type of hazardous waste, it also needs to have an area designed and built to house the waste safely and efficiently. You want to the storage location to be easy enough to access for placement, but away from areas that can cause accidental spills.

Employee and Building Safety Design

We can design your industrial operation to include all of the safety features you need to ensure your employees, clients, and the general public is kept as safe as possible. It can include safety signs, signal devices, warning barriers, passcode secure locking storage areas, and more.

Environmental Safety and Compliance Design

You should always consider choosing a builder with the environmental safety expertise to incorporate features that can minimize the impact on the environment in case of accidental spills. The ability to meet any and all compliance issues will make it possible to open up for business sooner.

Contact us at Harbor Environmental Group to begin the planning of your Industrial building today. We offer expert design and construction for all types of industries throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.