Is It Possible to Undergo Retail Building Asbestos Abatement Without Closing?

Is It Possible to Undergo Retail Building Asbestos Abatement Without Closing?

Finding out that your commercial building tests positive for the presence of asbestos fibers can leave you in a quandary. You want to make sure that your Los Angeles County business is safe to enter and work inside, but a complete closure during removal is too much of a financial loss to absorb. Complete asbestos abatement can be done in most cases while you remain open for business.

Types of Materials that Can Hold Asbestos Fibers

All types of Los Angeles County commercial building materials contained asbestos fibers until approximately 1978. Asbestos was added to help improve the insulation of walls, floors and acted as a fire retardant. Better and safer materials are now used as a replacement and eliminate the risk of health problems. Floor tiles, ceiling tiles, plumbing insulation, and insulation that covers older boilers are primary sources of asbestos contamination of the air you breathe.

Create an Asbestos Abatement Plan and Schedule

Orange County and surrounding area commercial spaces are more extensive than a home, so the time it takes to offer complete abatement can be weeks in duration. Much will depend on the planning and scheduling to allow for the business to continue operation during the abatement process. In most instances, it should be relatively little problem to work around employees and customers. The most important part is protecting the air from asbestos fiber contamination.

Safe Sectional Asbestos Removal

Hiring a Los Angeles County area asbestos specialist like Harbor Environmental Group is a recommended way to safely remove the harmful fibers while you stay open for business. The area being worked on will be sectioned off so that all fibers are captured and removed. Vacuums designed for asbestos removal will ensure all trace of the fibers are gathered and removed, leaving a clean and safe result.

Moving Operations as Each Section is Complete

You will have to remain flexible and move around your Orange County business operations within the building as each section is completed and more areas require preparation. The good part is you’ll be enjoying each completed portion that is completely asbestos-free before the job is totally complete.

Contact us right away at Harbor Environmental Group if you need asbestos abatement services for your commercial building. We provide both testing and complete removal services for the Orange County and entire Los Angeles County business community.