Asbestos Abatement

How is Asbestos Removed?
Harbor Environmental Group has the knowledge, tools, and skill to remove Asbestos safely, and completely from Southern California locations. We service Orange County and the surrounding areas by offering quality services for Asbestos abatement, and other construction services.

We offer:

  • Orange County Asbestos AbatementCompete assessment so that we can understand and offer you the best solution for your Asbestos Abatement project.
  • We remove all of the material that contains Asbestos from the project site.
  • We handle all of the coordination efforts within the project, including those for third party consultants.
  • We make this as easy as possible and still provide the safest, and highest quality of service.
Asbestos has a long history. It started off as a miracle mineral and quickly became one of the most widely recognized carcinogen. It is hailed for its super strength which made it the perfect component for all kinds of construction projects. It has been used as an ingredient in acoustic ceiling tiles, floor tiles, exhaust flues, exterior siding, and even in linoleum. Asbestos was seen as such a miracle fiber that it was even woven into clothing.

Today, Asbestos is rarely used as the small fibers can easily become airborne and when lodged in the lungs causes mesothelioma which affects the human lungs and eventually results in death. Understanding what asbestos is capable of, is important for those like Harbor Environmental Group who work to remove asbestos from homes and buildings safely, competently, and by meeting all of the regulatory guidelines set in place by State and Federal agencies.

If you have a project that requires Asbestos Abatement, then consider Harbor Environmental Group. We offer quality and value by making sure the job is done the right way the first time. We hold license and/or certification for ASB-Asbestos removal, HAZ – Hazardous Substance Removal, and DOSH#970 which is issued through the Division of Occupational Safety.

Harbor Environmental Group focuses on the environmental impact of construction. We offer services that are green by making sure that we are capable and qualified to remove hazardous materials such as Asbestos.