Soil Remediation Services

What is the hardest part of soil remediation in Orange County?
Usually, the hardest part of any remediation job is compliance with federal, state and local regulations. That is why Harbor Environmental Group has taken the time to understand and become certified or licensed to handle hazardous material, including those found in soil remediation. They offer the following services for soil remediation projects:

  • Orange County Soil RemediationSoil Removal – They work with the latest equipment, and the cutting edge technology to remove contaminated soil safely, efficiently, and under the guidelines of all federal, state, and local regulations.
  • They utilize carbon as a filtration system to remove most toxins, or if the soil cannot be cleaned, then they dispose of contaminated soil and replace it with new soil.
  • They handle all of the contact and coordination between the property owners and site inspectors.
  • They can help with solidification and soil stabilization as well as soil vapor extraction when needed.
  • General and Commercial construction for repair/replacement of buildings that have been damaged due to soil toxicity.
Understanding how to go about doing a soil remediation project correctly, is just part of the process that is needed to complete these projects correctly. That is why Harbor Environmental Group takes the time to make sure that people are safe, that the property owner understands all of their options and that the process to complete the job is mapped out for all parties. Their professionals are trained to be safe, and to complete the project correctly, the first time. It is this willingness to meet federal, state, and local regulations that empowers Harbor Environmental Group to work with soil remediation projects, and other hazardous material projects such as lead based paint, mercury, mold, oils, chemicals, and other hazards.

Southern California is a beautiful area to live and work. The fine folks at Harbor Environmental Group want to be your partner in keeping your home or business as safe as possible. Their set of primary remediation goals is dictated by the EPA, and that is why every project begins with a thorough inspection of the site, followed by a disclosure of information to the property owners. They believe that empowering the client allows for the best possible decisions to be made when it comes time to develop a plan of action to clean up soil and other hazardous sites. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Harbor Environmental Group today.