Environmental Abatement

Which Governmental Agencies oversee Environmental Abatement?

Los Angeles County Environmental AbatementAnswering that question can sometimes be the hardest part of environmental abatement and environmental remediation in Orange County and around Southern California. Harbor Environmental Group has taken the time to become experts in environmental abatement and also at taking the headache out of dealing with governmental regulations.

There is a proper way to clean up environmental issues, and those processes include the safe handling, removal, and cleanup of toxic substances that pose an environmental risk. The word environmental is not confined to outdoor areas. It also includes indoor areas, as well.

Harbor Environmental Group offers the following services:

Environmental Abatement– They assess your situation, form a plan of action, offer you solutions, then file for all of the proper permits. When those items are in place, they safely remove and appropriately dispose of hazards. Then they clean the area so that it is free of toxins.

General and Commercial Construction Services – They are equipped and skilled to remove and replace/repair damage to buildings, such as the case with lead based paints, or asbestos. The result is that your building is cleaned and that the area around your building is cleaned and free of the targeted toxins.

There are so many toxins that can pose an environmental threat. That is why Harbor Environmental Group has taken the time to become experts in safely handling environmental abatement, such as those that occur with Oils, Lead, Mercury, Heavy metals, Chemicals, PCB’s and other materials that require regulated removal. They offer these services because they know how to handle these materials safely and efficiently. They also understand all of the federal, state, and local governmental regulations that cover environmental abatement around Orange County and Southern California.

The remediation of toxins is important to the heath and safety of everyone involved, including you and your workers. These tasks can be part of a routine, scheduled, or even in emergency situations. The hazard teams at Harbor Environmental Group are prepared for emergencies, as well as for planned abatement of toxins. Because they are committed to the abatement of toxins, they work with jobs of all sizes. If you have questions about a potential abatement project or in an emergency, contact Harbor Environmental Group.