Lead Abatement

Does your building have lead based paint, and does it need to be removed?
Harbor Environmental Group can help you determine if your commercial building has lead based paint and whether or not it needs to be removed from your Orange County business.

Southern California is full of commercial properties that have lead paint inside of them. Harbor Environmental Group provides lead paint remediation services that include:Orange County Lead Paint Remediation

  • Assessment for lead based toxins
  • Safe Removal Surfaces with Lead Based Paints
  • Use of Safe Chemicals that are designed to Remove Lead Based Paints
  • Mechanically Remove Lead by Abrasion if Needed
  • Help with the Entire Permit Process
Lead, like Asbestos, was thought to be an element that provided great benefits to products and construction. Sadly, it was discovered that lead is a toxic heavy metal and the risk to health outweighed the benefits that lead provided. Today, many businesses have lead based paint that is peeling and flaking off inside. The problem is that children and pets have less resistance to toxins than adults, and it is children and pets that most often come into contact with toxins.

Harbor Environmental Group uses highly trained professionals to remove lead based paint. They do so by employing the proper tools so that lead-dust is captured and not scattered around your house. They hold the following licenses or certifications:

  • NAICS: 56910 – Environmental Abatement.
  • DOSH #970 Division of OSHA
  • ASB Asbestos removal.
  • HAZ – Hazardous Substance Removal.
  • B License General Contractor.
Harbor Environmental Group also provides the proper tools and safety equipment for all lead abatement projects. A partial list includes power tools with vacuum attachments that collect all of the dust as it is sanded away, safety masks, hazardous material bins/containers, and qualified personnel that are trained to perform the job correctly. In addition, they can help with any government forms or through the inspection process.

If you need a permit, they can help you fill out the paperwork and make sure that everything is in order before, during, and after the job is completed. Orange County businesses can look to Harbor Environmental Group for leadership and professional results for all lead paint remediation projects and other construction projects, as well.