Why Asbestos Can Turn A Good Fixer-Up Property Deal Into a Nightmare

Why Asbestos Can Turn A Good Fixer-Up Property Deal Into a Nightmare

Finding an incredibly cheap deal with a fixer-up house can hold hidden dangers you might not have thought about. Asbestos, as harmful as it is, has been used in the construction of buildings before the 1980’s to add a cheap form of insulation and fire protection. Have any suspected areas of asbestos-containing materials tested and removed if it shows positive for the presence of this harmful material.

Older Homes and Asbestos

Homes in Orange and Los Angeles County built before the year 1980 stand a realistic chance of containing asbestos fibers in some of the building materials. Asbestos was a fiber added to some types of siding, flooring, and ceiling materials that helps insulate and make the homes more fire-retardant. An older fixer-upper might have this problem lurking.

Older Remodels Can Hide Dangers

Remodels of older Los Angeles County homes done in the late 1990’s and even early 2000’s might simply disguise the presence of asbestos. One thing to take note of is if the flooring has had new product placed over old. The same goes for siding. Multiple layers could signal an alert that something bad is hiding beneath the surface.

Why Asbestos Is Dangerous

Breathing in free-floating asbestos fibers is not immediately dangerous. Years down the line you can succumb to the exposure with illnesses like mesothelioma or lung cancer. Both are life-threatening and a direct result of asbestos exposure.

Why You Should Never Remove Asbestos Yourself

The real dangers in attempting to remove asbestos on your own are releasing fibers that become airborne. Once they are in the open environment of your Orange County home, you or your family can breathe them in and become seriously exposed. The fibers need to be contained and removed to consider your home asbestos-free.

Professional Asbestos Remediation

An expert asbestos removal company will do everything necessary to make sure the fibers do not enter the open air of your home, or out into the natural environment. Total hazardous material safety procedures are followed to ensure complete remediation happens. Asbestos-free materials will be put in place, and your home can become the safe haven you intended.

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