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The Tragedy of Hazmat Soil Contamination

Proper hazmat management includes having spills cordoned off and professionally remediated as soon as possible. Contamination of the soil by hazardous chemicals can have many adverse effects on the environment and all living things. At Harbor Environmental Group, we take soil contamination seriously and will do everything possible to have the area cleaned right away.

Foliage and Tree Poisoning

Many chemicals and solutions that seem harmless to humans are devastating to the greenery outdoors. Products that kill grass, trees, shrubs and other plants that are accidentally spilled can have a huge impact on the ecosystem in your area. You can see a reduction in beneficial insects like bees that are critical for pollination.

Wildlife Contamination and Kills

Inadvertent and preventable sol contamination can poison and kill local wildlife like squirrels, rabbits, birds, and eventually aquatic life if it feeds down into any local bodies of water. Wild animals in the Orange County area are unaware that their typical feeding grounds might have been contaminated by dangerous chemicals. Having accidental spills cleaned right away is the best prevention you can offer.

Water Table Contamination

Spilling hazmat materials into the soil and failing to get it remediated will eventually lead to at least some of the chemicals making it into the local water supply. Even slight rainfall can allow the chemicals to runoff into viaducts that lead to watershed areas.

Accidental Human Exposure

Having an Orange County resident that is unaware of the dangers walk through areas that have hazmat materials in the soil can lead to injuries from unintended exposure. The health consequences depend on the chemicals in question, but your company can experience legal problems that arise from illness and injury by exposure.

The Benefits of Effective Spill Management

Putting off the clean up of a chemical spill into the soil of your Orange County business can make it more difficult to isolate and completely remove. Our team of hazmat experts can begin the process of soil contamination clean up right away. We will do everything possible to ensure the area is brought back to safe usability.

Call us at Harbor Environmental Group if you have experienced a serious hazmat spill that contaminated the soil of your property. We handle all types of hazmat spills in the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.