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Planning Construction to Accommodate Hazardous Waste

The design and construction of commercial and industrial properties can involve intricate planning to house equipment, vehicles, offices, meeting rooms, and more. One area you don’t want to put off until the last moment is where you’ll house and store any necessary hazardous materials or waste. At Harbor Environmental Group, we specialize in careful planning and construction of the areas you need to maintain hazardous materials and waste in a compliant zone of your property.

The Importance of Consultation with Licensed and Certified Hazmat Construction Specialists

If you’re building or renovating your Orange County commercial or industrial property and will be handling hazardous waste, it’s a great idea to have a consultation with a certified and licensed hazmat construction expert. Hazardous waste professionals understand the laws and regulations that govern the storage and disposal. Assistance with the design and incorporation of hazmat materials storage areas will ensure you’re in compliance.

Design and Construct Areas to Limit Access and Protect Employees

Any of your hazardous waste that is stored until safe disposal needs to be housed in an area that is out of foot and equipment traffic, but not so far that it gets forgotten. Access should be limited to avoid accidental exposure to your employees and unintended spills. Your Orange County facility needs the advice and services of experienced hazmat construction experts like Harbor Environmental Group.

Protect Hazardous Materials from External Influence

Some hazardous materials are sensitive to humidity, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, rain, and other natural elements. All materials should be in an area that is climate controlled to avoid bad reactions and corrosion of the containers it’s stored within. We’ll help you design the perfect area and ensure it’s constructed using the right materials for the materials to be stored.

Keep an Emergency Plan In Place for Spills

No matter how well you plan, accidental spills can happen. It’s important to practice safety protocol for potential hazmat situations. It’s critical that all of your employees understand the types of hazards that are within the environment and the steps to take if accidentally exposed. Call on the professional Orange County hazmat cleaning services of an organization like Harbor Environmental Group if a spill occurs.

Call us at Harbor Environmental Group to help design and build the hazardous waste and materials storage you need today. We offer our licensed and certified services throughout the Orange County area.