4 Mistakes to Avoid In Choosing Environmental Cleanup Services

You can find environmental and hazardous materials cleanup services all over Orange and Los Angeles Counties, but you need to carefully check out the company to make sure you have one that is in full compliance with all rules and regulations. At Harbor Environmental Group, we take the job of environmental cleanup serious and provide all of the documentation you need to feel confident in the quality of our services.

Lack of Certifications and Compliance Knowledge

Any company that works in the field of environmental and hazardous materials cleanup has to undergo rigorous certification processes to determine ability to stay within compliance. Any legitimate company will be happy to show you their credentials and paperwork that results from passing these standards. If the representative seems to have little knowledge of the problem at hand or compliance issues, keep looking for another Orange County environmental cleanup company.

Lack of a Business License

Ask to see verification of a current business license. All environmental cleanup and hazmat services in the Los Angeles County area have to hold and maintain a business license. Without this basic paperwork, it is likely there is little in the way of certification and compliance training.

Are They a Reputable Company?

Check out business reviews online and talk to people. You will often find your best leads and cautions by word-of-mouth from satisfies or dissatisfied customers. Ask fellow business owners to see if you can get a recommendation for service.

Failure to Obtain Necessary Permits

Have they obtained the right permits to do the job at hand? The removal and transport of hazardous materials are highly regulated in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties. It is important to be in compliance to avoid heavy fines.

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