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How to Handle a Raw Sewage Backup

The thought of raw sewage entering your home might be too much to handle. It is not an event that happens every day, but it does and can happen in your home. At Harbor Environmental Group, we take the task of cleaning your environment seriously.

What causes a sewage backup into the home?

The exact cause of a sewage backup are individual for each incident, but a few of the causes are

  • Collapsed sewage lines
  • Flooding
  • Pipe blockage, and more

It is the type of problem that nightmares are made of and you hope to never experience. Not only are you having to deal with liquid damage, but the odors and raw waste are a disgusting sight.

Dealing With the Smell

The smell of a raw sewage backup is what will most likely grab your attention before the sight of the mess. It can prove difficult to keep the smell in one centralized location of your Orange County home. If it has occurred in the bathroom, back out of the room, close the door and remove shoes or any clothing items that have been covered in sewage. Open windows and wait for assistance.

Why It Is Dangerous to Attempt to Cleanup Sewage Yourself

Raw sewage contains an alarming number of germs and bacteria that are hazardous to the health of you, your family, and pets. You may not understand which materials are in need of removing from the home for your safety.

Will professional cleaning leave odors behind?

Utilizing a quality professional cleaning service to handle a raw sewage backup in Los Angeles County will eliminate any lingering odors. All waste will be removed and every surface cleaned and sanitized. Any porous materials are removed and replaced to make the room safe to use.

Choose an Experienced Environmental Service

When seeking the right environmental cleaning company, find one that a good customer service reputation and many years of experience like Harbor Environmental Group of Orange County. It takes real expertise to handle a hazardous event such as a raw sewage backup.

Contact us at Harbor Environmental Group today and make an appointment to receive a free estimate. We handle raw sewage backups anywhere in the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.