Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning After Fires and Floods | Harbor Environmental

Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning After Fires and Floods

An event that floods your home or experiencing a small fire will leave your carpet in rough shape. You need to call in professional carpet cleaning as soon as possible to try and salvage your carpeting. At Harbor Environmental Group, we offer the deepest clean possible and leave you with excellent results.

Remove Dirty Water

Both fire and flood events in your home or business can bring plenty of dirty water to soak into your carpeting. Plumbing pipe bursts and natural flooding bring in obvious large amounts of water. A small fire in your building can also cause water to enter through sprinkler systems or during the Orange County fire department attempts to douse the flames.

Remove Carcinogens From Fires

The smoke that is left behind from fires is considered hazardous and should not contact your skin. The myriads of plastic items and man-made fibers that burn fill the smoke with small particles that are known to cause cancer. Smoke will settle on the carpet, which will then require a deep clean to remove.

Eliminate Penetrating Odors

Flood waters that enter your home and fires leave behind a nasty odor. Bacteria and germs will begin to breed on your Orange and Los Angeles County carpeting. Our deep cleaning process will remove these odors and make your rooms smell fresh again.

Stop Mold Growth

One or two sunny days of Orange County sunshine after water inundates your carpeting are often all it takes to begin growing mold. Removal of these mold spores requires a deep clean of all affected areas of carpeting.

Save Your Carpeting

Obtaining deep carpet cleaning services for your Los Angeles or Orange County home after a flooding or fire event can save you a ton of money on carpet replacement. Our services are fast, efficient, and thorough. Your carpet will look and smell brand new.

Call us at Harbor Environmental Group and find out more about our deep carpet cleaning services. We are available to handle your carpet cleaning needs throughout the Orange County and surrounding areas.