Construction Accidents and Biohazard Clean-Up

The construction industry follows many safety guidelines that prevent a majority of possible accidents, but events can occur that are unexpected and can cause traumatic injuries. Large amounts of blood and other biohazard materials left behind can keep everyone locked in the event and unable to process and move forward. It can also present a safety and health hazard. At Harbor Environmental Group, we can handle traumatic injury scenes throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and have it clean and sanitized right away.

Construction Accidents and Traumatic Scenes

The growth in Los Angeles and Orange County is hard to keep up with. It seems new homes and businesses are under construction in most areas. The construction industry uses a lot of heavy equipment, power tools, and move a tremendous amount of heavy materials. It is not uncommon for accidents to happen and cause traumatic injuries. The scene left behind by the paramedics and fire engines leave can be just as traumatic as the incident itself.

Proper Cleaning of Biohazard Materials

Blood and other biohazard materials that coat the scene of traumatic construction accidents have to be cleaned using proper procedures that guarantee complete removal for the safety of remaining employees at the location. Our specialists are trained to remove this material safely and completely.

Trauma Scene Cleanup Expertise

We have handled construction accident traumatic scene cleanup for years and offer a quick, effective solution. Regular clean-up personnel will feel overwhelmed at the task and might not have the training needed to ensure the entire area is clean and safe to reenter.

Returning the Scene to Normal

Work locations that are open to public view need cleaned and returned to normal as quickly as possible. It can cause trauma to passers-by that view the scene left after a serious construction accident. It will help fellow employees who are probably still reeling from the accident.

Moving Your Project Forward

The sooner you can return the construction site to normal, the sooner you can get the project back underway. You do not want to end up missing critical deadlines that can put your Los Angeles or Orange County contracting business in a financial bind.

Contact us at Harbor Environmental Group right away if you have experienced a traumatic injury at your construction work site. We will travel to your Los Angeles or Orange County location quickly and begin the process of proper scene clean-up.