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Keeping Hazardous Waste Manageable

The task of managing hazardous waste materials at your business might seem monumental, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier and safer. You want to take every step possible to ensure the safety of all of your employees and the residents of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Know the Waste You Have On Hand

Every Orange or Los Angeles County business that produces hazardous waste of any kind, in any amount needs to know what they have, where it is located, how long it has been there, and when it will end up in the hands of a disposal service. It is downright dangerous to remain unaware or nonchalant about having hazardous chemicals at your place of business.

Do Not Hide It Away

Accidental spills and contamination are more likely to happen if you hide the waste materials away where they remain unseen. It is easier to forget about them and never have them hauled away for proper disposal. You do not want to advertise that your Orange County or Los Angeles County business has hazardous waste on hand, but do not put the material so far behind things that it is hard to find and monitor.

Periodically Check the Integrity of the Containment

Container to hold hazardous waste made of steel will begin to rust and corrode over time. Keep the containers stored in an area that remains dry and with as low humidity as possible. Plastic containers will become brittle and easy to break over time. If they are sitting for a long period, use extreme caution when moving.

Check for Leaks On Ground Surfaces or the Storage Area Floor

Unfortunately, damage to the underside of the container is usually only noticeable with leaks. Cordone off the area and contact professionals to get the area cleaned up safely. Note when the containers were last checked to give an idea as to how extensive the problem is.

Have a Plan In Place

You should have a plan in place and a designated hazardous materials specialist in Orange or Los Angeles County under contract to handle any potential spills and environmental contamination. It will make an incident less stressful to have professionals that are capable of handling the details correctly.

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