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Soil Remediation and Soil Remediation Planning

The ability to enjoy clean soil and drinking water is something never taken for granted. Industries dealing with materials and chemicals classified as toxic to the environment and living creatures have to be monitored and spills immediately cleaned.

What is soil remediation?

Soil remediation is the act of cleaning dirt, sediments, surface water, and groundwater that has been exposed to and contaminated by petroleum products and other toxic ingredients that are harmful to animals, plants, and humans. It is a necessary process to keep areas safe to operate in and resources clean to use. Soil remediation is an invaluable tool to industries around Santa Barbara County that deal with dangerous and hazardous chemicals on a daily basis.

Is soil remediation successful?

The soil remediation process has improved over several decades. Increased technologies and methods make it a successful procedure. It has improved the health of the environment in Santa Barbara County and the entire Southern California region. The soil remediation specialists at Harbor Environmental Group understand the importance of the community and industries involved.

Soil Remediation Planning

Any industry that handles hazardous materials and chemicals needs to have a soil remediation plan in place. Compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations require there be a plan in place to alert the proper authorities and begin the process of soil remediation as quickly as possible. Harbor Environmental Group works with these industries to provide the most immediate and successful services available in the Santa Barbara and surrounding County areas.

Soil Remediation Services

Professionally cleaning contaminated soil and water is not a job tackled by anyone that is unaware of the dangers involved. Specialized equipment and safety gear have to be used to protect the public, environment, and clean-up personnel. Safety should be the priority of any specialized soil remediation service.

Contact Harbor Environmental Group and discuss your needs for a soil remediation plan. We can help you develop the plan needed for any emergency situation within the Santa Barbara County area today!