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How to Properly Handle Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has not been used in building materials for many years, due to the known adverse health effects, but it is still frequently found in older homes. You should contact a professional abatement service if you feel there may be asbestos present in the interior or exterior of your home. The only safe way to deal with this hazardous material is to have it removed.

Get the Suspect Material Tested

Orange County homes built in the 1960’s and earlier may have exterior siding comprised of asbestos fibers. If you are unsure of the material, it is best to have it tested. Test old ceiling tiles if you are not 100 percent certain they are not asbestos. Removing them can be dangerous to you, your family, and the environment by not taking extra precautions.

Why Painting Asbestos Siding Is Not the Solution

Typical advice for dealing with asbestos siding is not to remove it and just keep a coat of paint applied. The coating of paint solves the problem of asbestos fibers being released into the air while the paint is in excellent condition, but eventually, the surface will begin to crack and peel. The fibers can then into the air and soil near the foundation. You will then have to deal with asbestos abatement in the ground and on the home. There are professional abatement services in the Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County areas that are trained to remove asbestos from your property thoroughly.

Hire a Licensed, Experienced Asbestos Abatement Service

Orange, Los Angeles, and other surrounding Counties require services that handle asbestos abatement to be appropriately licensed, certified, and insured. Training is critical in dealing with this type of hazardous material to protect employees, residents, pets, and the general public. There are specific procedures and safety protocol in place. You want to feel confident that the service you hire Is experienced and maintains an excellent reputation for quality, safe work.

Plan Other Accommodations During the Asbestos Abatement Process

You do not want your family or pets to be around the home during the asbestos abatement process. Plan the project well enough in advance to make accommodations to stay safely in another location until it is safe to return. The asbestos abatement team will completely safeguard your items from contact with asbestos, remove the asbestos from the home, soil, and property.

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