Demolition Services

Orange County Demolition ServicesHarbor Environmental Group maintains a C21 Demolition & building moving license. They are competent and capable of safe demolition of commercial buildings within Orange County and throughout Southern California. Additionally, they are licensed for hazardous substance removal and environmental abatement, which often go hand-in-hand with demolition.

Harbor Environmental Group is a complete demolition team. They offer services that are designed to cater to the needs of the client. These range from:

  • Complete demolition – The entire building and foundation are demolished and removed.
  • Interior demolition – Where the interior of a building is deconstructed, and the shell of the building remains intact.
  • Recycle demolition – This is a process where the building is taken apart, and each piece is recycled as a sustainable building supply.
  • Concrete care such as cutting, crushing and removal.
  • Excavation and ground work services.
  • Site preparation.
  • Site Clearing.
  • Full commercial and Industrial construction services.
Harbor Environmental Group offers demolition services to commercial and industrial clients within Southern California and to the communities of Orange County. Because Harbor Environmental Group is also a licensed general and commercial contractor, they can offer clients a complete service. Whether you need to remove a building to make way for a new structure, or you simply need the interior of a building removed and wall fabrication as part of a renovation. They can even excavate your property and prep your site for a new subterranean parking structure or work room.

They are at home working on a single level building or multi story buildings. They can also help manage the entire permit process for you. The are accustomed to working with inspectors and follow the rules outlined by federal, state and local entities. Harbor Environmental Group designs its services to be complete and flexible. By offering clients the level of involvement that is needed, being open to communication, and being willing to deal with government red-tape, makes Harbor a partner for every type of project, including demolition.

If you have questions about a project or you need to have additional resources to help you manage your options, then contact Harbor Environmental Group. They can help you with project design, planning, construction and demolition.