General Construction

Do you have a building project that needs professional attention?
Harbor Environmental Group can help. They offer professional services regardless of the size of the job, and they offer the following services for both General or Commercial projects:

  • General and Commercial construction projects of all sizes.Orange County General Construction
  • Safe Asbestos Abatement
  • Safe Lead Abatement.
  • Safe Mold Remediation Services.
  • Safe Oil and toxin clean up.
  • Safe Soil Remediation Services.
  • Safe Hazardous Substance Removal.
  • Environmental Abatement.
  • Cleaning, sidewalk construction, and sign installation.
General and commercial construction projects are needed every day around Orange County and through Southern California. Harbor Environmental Group understands the unique requirements that go into restoration and repair projects that involve an existing building. General construction projects for the commercial client are equally important. The space you build defines so much about your business. Businesses by design are not meant to be static, they are meant to grow and expand, and that is why design and construction are important. Grow your business by designing a space that works for you.

What’s holding your business back?

Harbor Environmental Group can help you design and build exactly, what you need to get the job done. They work, with businesses around Southern California to help them design and initiate construction plans so that the results are precise. Every project that they take on is performed by professionals who are skilled in construction technology and safety, as well as, the skills to effectively deal with governmental regulation.

With the high degree of skills that Harbor Environmental Group brings to the table, they can just focus on providing high quality work. They understand the needs of customers. They understand how to read plans, and to help customers develop plans from the idea stage to the finished project. You know what you want, let Harbor Environmental Group show you the possibilities and then build your project with precision and skill.