How to Save Your Ventura County Hardwood Floors After a Fire

How to Save Your Ventura County Hardwood Floors After a Fire | Harbor Environmental

How to Save Your Ventura County Hardwood Floors After a Fire | Harbor EnvironmentalAnyone that has hardwood flooring is proud to show it off every chance possible. The smallest of house fires can prove devastating to the floor and force replacement if not remediated quickly. Below are the necessary steps to take to save your hardwood flooring.

Removing Visible Water

Water is the most used resource to put out fires in all Ventura County homes. The water can ruin a hardwood or engineered wood floor in a hurry. You should begin by wearing protective gear to remove any visible, standing water on the surface of the floor. The longer the water is allowed to stand on the surface, the more the wood will soak it up. The damage can end up so extensive that replacement is inevitable.

Water Trapped Under the Flooring

You can reasonably expect that as much water is sitting under the flooring as the amount resting on the surface, if not more. It takes specialized equipment to completely dry the subflooring after getting soaked with water from any source. You need to call in a Ventura County professional remediation service and have it done right.

Warping When Drying

Placing fans in strategic areas and forcing air movement will help dry the wood, but it may not dry at the correct rate to avoid damage. Drying the wood too slow will initiate a problem with mold. Drying the wood too fast can cause extensive warping and cupping. It will guarantee replacement of the floor. Expert water and fire remediation services have all the necessary equipment to dry the floor completely, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Seek Professional Help Quickly

You need to call in Ventura County professionals like Environmental Group right away to combat the damage that smoke and water will do to your hardwood floors. Putting off the call will only allow the damage to progress and cause you more expense.

Call on the experts at Environmental Group to come in and begin the remediation process right away. We help salvage wood flooring in homes and businesses throughout the Ventura County area.