How to Go About Restoring the Kitchen After a Fire

How to Go About Restoring the Kitchen After a Fire | Harbor Environmental

How to Go About Restoring the Kitchen After a Fire | Harbor EnvironmentalLosing the kitchen in your Los Angeles County home can be devastating, but focusing on the fact that it could have been worse is the best way to start healing from the trauma. Below are a few steps you need to take in the process of restoring this area of your house.

Put Safety First

Wear the right safety equipment inside the burnt area to avoid getting hurt or inhaling smoke and tiny airborne debris. Goggles, gloves, long-sleeve shirt, and head protection are all good ideas. Take pictures as soon after the fire as possible. Wait until you are told it’s safe to reenter your Orange County home. The pictures are needed for your insurance company. Ge photos from every possible angle that demonstrate the total amount of damage done by the fire.

Remove Burnt Items and Materials

Some of what it takes to get things back to normal in your Los Angeles County home requires a little muscle. The burnt appliance will need to be taken out. Removal of burnt cabinets, drawers, flooring, lighting fixtures, and wallboard will have to be done before anything new can be added.

Shop for the Perfect Replacement Items

Whatever the fire destroyed will need replacing. You might want to start shopping for the perfect replacement appliances, counters, sinks, cabinets, flooring, lighting and consider what color you want for your new walls. The process is not much different than doing a remodel in your Orange County kitchen. It’s the perfect time to upgrade and get the finished look you want. Put any of the other small kitchen items on the list that was lost, such as silverware, plates, bowls, mixers, toasters, and similar things.

Hire Professional Fire Damage Experts for the Remediation and Repairs

Complete remediation of the fire damage will require removing all of the damaged areas and materials, which can be hard to find without experience. If anything is left, you’ll have a lingering odor that never goes away. Remediation specialists can remove the old and rebuild to give you the kitchen you need.

Call on the fire damage experts of Harbor Environmental Group to quickly handle the removal of damaged materials and restoration of your Los Angeles County kitchen space. We serve the entire area and offer fast, reliable restoration.