Qualified Asbestos Abatement Services in San Bernardino

When you are looking for asbestos abatement services in San Bernardino County, you want the most qualified and experienced professionals for assessing and completing the job. Harbor Environmental Group is just such a company.

Asbestos is a hazardous material, and only contractors with the right training and certification are equipped for inspecting the property and developing the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for that specific location.

Finding Asbestos Abatement Services in San Bernardino County

Many companies offer asbestos abatement services in San Bernardino County, but not all have the same experience, training, and professional attitude. Harbor Environmental Group is an asbestos abatement specialist serving all areas of San Bernardino County, as well as San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties.

Because Harbor Environmental Group specializes in hazardous waste remediation projects, they have the work crews for handling this dangerous type of work. At Harbor Environmental, project managers, inspectors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and laborers all have the specialized training and experience needed for the proper removal and abatement of asbestos.

When asbestos is removed from a building site, it must be disposed of in authorized waste management facilities. Not doing so can result in fines and the additional expense of moving the material more than once.

Harbor Environmental Group has established connections with authorized disposal sites for asbestos waste in San Bernardino County. When you work with Harbor Environmental, you are assured all work and disposal is done legally and with customer and work-site safety as the first order of business.

Asbestos can be present in many parts of a building, and knowing exactly where it is takes experience and testing by a qualified lab. Some types of asbestos are more dangerous than other types, and knowing the difference can save money and time when doing asbestos abatement work.

Many San Bernardino buildings were constructed before 1980 when asbestos was finally banned as a building material. Harbor Environmental Group is a locally owned business with extensive experience doing asbestos abatement in buildings in this area.

If you need an asbestos inspection or abatement services in San Bernardino County, contact Harbor Environmental Group today and schedule a consultation.