What to Do If Your Pasadena Home Has Asbestos

Asbestos is a fiber material that was used extensively to insulate and fireproof homes up until the 1970’s when it was banned due to the health ramifications from exposure. It’s important not to panic if you find out that you have asbestos in your home. Quickly locate an expert asbestos remediation service like Harbor Environmental Group to handle safe removal.

Consult a Professional for Confirmation

Asbestos fibers can be found in older siding, roofing, flooring, and ceiling tile materials of your Pasadena home. You should bring in a professional for testing and inspection if you feel there might be asbestos materials in your home. You may not be aware of the problem if you have not seen asbestos before. Any home built before 1986 should undergo an inspection.

See If the Area Has Been Contaminated

Seeing visible fibers in areas close to the asbestos material is proof positive that you have a contaminated area. You should treat the situation with increased urgency. You do not want you or your family breathing in these hazardous fibers.

Do Not Disturb Materials With Asbestos

Even if the asbestos-containing materials look to be perfectly intact, do not move them or disturb them in any way. Moving them can cause fibers to break loose and enter the air you will breathe in your Pasadena home. You will be exposed at that point.

Vacate the Pasadena Home Until Remediation Can Happen

Once you have confirmation that there is asbestos in the home, vacate and find a safer place to stay until complete removal can be done. You want to reduce exposure to you and your family as much as possible.

Hire a Professional Pasadena Asbestos Remediation Service

Asbestos is a dangerous material that cannot be removed without following a highly specialized process that protects the workers and the environment. Professional asbestos abatement services like Harbor Environmental Group offer experience and expertise in solving this serious problem.

Call us at Harbor Environmental Group when you are facing the task of eliminating hazardous materials like asbestos from your home. We are available anytime throughout the Pasadena area.