What Are My Options for Dealing With Lead Paint in Irvine?

What Are My Options for Dealing With Lead Paint in Irvine? | Harbor EnvironmentalHaving paint tested in your Irvine home and finding that it contains lead can be concerning. It’s an ingredient that has been banned in paint since the late 1970’s but still manages to resurface in older homes occasionally. Below are a few of the options available when it comes to protecting you and your family from lead paint exposure.

Leave It Where It Is

You need to make decisions based on the location of the lead paint and condition. Lead paint coated closet walls, or areas that are infrequently visited in your house might be better off left alone. It depends on whether the surface is disturbed and is flaking or turning to a dangerous dust. Breathing this in the air of your Irvine home can cause tremendous health problems.

Encapsulate the Lead Paint

Complete coverage of the lead paint is a way to put off what will eventually have to be done, which is complete lead paint remediation. Painting over the lead paint surfaces can work for a while, but eventually, the new paint will peel, crack, or in some other way become compromised.

Remove the Materials With Lead Paint

Taking the lead paint coated materials out of your Irvine home and replacing is the preferred method. It requires many safety precautions to avoid contact and breathing the lead dust. It can leave particles of lead paint behind, which are harmful. You also have to find out about a safe way to get rid of these materials to protect the environment.

Combine Encapsulation and Material Removal

You can combine the actions of encapsulation and removal. Encapsulation can be done in areas that are infrequently contacted by you and other family members. High-traffic areas should have the lead paint completely removed.

Call In An Expert

Finding out that an Irvine home has lead paint is a serious situation that you should seek expert help for a solution. Our lead paint removal and remediation specialists can offer you the best options in limiting and eliminating the health hazard right away. Don’t try and tackle the problem on your own. We have the knowledge and equipment it takes for safe removal.

Call us at Harbor Environmental for the lead paint remediation services you need in the Irvine area. We are your local, budget-friendly environmental hazard experts.