Older Orange County Buildings Need Lead Abatement

Older Orange County Buildings Need Lead Abatement | Harbor EnvironmentalLead poisoning is serious business. While this naturally occurring mineral was once widely used in both commercial and residential construction, lead is now banned as a building material because it is known to cause devastating neurological and cognitive health consequences once it is absorbed into the human body – especially for children.

Fortunately, a variety of lead abatement methods are now in wide use, and Orange County buildings contaminated by lead can be successfully made safe and clean for residents.

Lead Abatement for Orange County Buildings

Most lead contamination found in older Orange County buildings is the result of old paint which contained lead as a drying and preservative ingredient. Even if the new lead-free paint has been applied over the old, lead-containing coats, lead exposure and poisoning can still happen when the paint peels or cracks, or when renovation disturbs the old layers of paint, sending dangerous dust and particles into the environment.

Lead does not disintegrate once in enters the environment. It stays where it is until someone comes along and removes the dust, paint chips, or other sources of contamination. During this clean-up process, special precautions must be taken, or lead dust can be further dispersed into other parts of the building or its surroundings. Lead contaminated materials must also be disposed of at regulated disposal facilities.

Removal of lead from a building takes special training and equipment, so that no dangerous residues remain after clean-up is complete. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that all contractors who work in the field of lead abatement in Orange County and elsewhere must have proper certification and training for completing this type of work. The California State Contracting licensing board also requires a special license for removal of lead abatement in buildings.

Harbor Environmental Group is a fully licensed and certified construction company specializing in lead abatement in Orange County and surrounding areas of Southern California.

If you suspect your Orange County building contains lead-based paint or other sources of lead contamination, contact Harbor Environmental Group for a consultation and full assessment, and get the lead out.