Mold and Fiberglass Insulation in Irvine

Mold and Fiberglass Insulation in Irvine | Harbor Environmental Waste Removal

Older and newer homes alike in the Irvine area can have walls that are insulated with fiberglass. Fiberglass is a material that can become compromised by heavy amounts of mold growth. The first thing you need to do is determine whether you have fiberglass insulation in your home.

Determine What Type of Insulation You Have In Your Home

Not all types of insulation for the home are subject to damage and infestation by mold. Fiberglass mold is and can prove concerning if you have any weaknesses in your Irvine home that allow moisture intrusion. You will need an experienced person to help determine the type of insulation you have if you do not already know.

How Moisture Reaches the Insulation

Most homes are built with some level of moisture barrier to protect from water that evaporates out of the ground. Failures in this material can cause the insulation to become damp. Roof leaks and problems with siding can also lead to water getting on the wall insulation material.

Where does mold grow on fiberglass insulation?

Most fiberglass insulation is applied from a roll that has a paper backing. This paper provides the perfect wicking material to absorb even small amounts of moisture. Although the amounts of rain in Irvine are scant, even tiny amounts can cause enough moisture for the development of mold. It can also grow at the flooring base of the wall interior.

The Detrimental Effects of Mold On Fiberglass Insulation

Mold on fiberglass insulation will reduce the savings you enjoy from heating and cooling costs. It will end up with reduced effective capabilities that make a difference in how comfortable your home feels during extreme weather.

Why You Should Leave Inspection and Removal to Professionals

Fiberglass insulation is comprised of small shards of glass that can cut the lungs when inhaled. It can also make all areas of skin touched red and irritated. It is best to leave inspection and removal/replacement of the insulation to professionals.

Contact the professionals at Harbor Environmental Group if you suspect your home has a mold problem on the fiberglass that insulates the walls. We handle these types of problems throughout the Irvine area.