Why Lead Paint Removal Is Preferred to Enclosing and Encapsulation

Why Lead Paint Removal Is Preferred to Enclosing and Encapsulation

In the drive to save money on fixing problems in your Long Beach residence, lead paint encapsulation or enclosure might seem tempting. The problem is that it leaves the lead paint in place to continue causing exposure issues. Below are the best reasons out there to choose a company like Tri Span to completely remove the lead paint.

Health Concerns for Your Family

Lead poisoning is something that happens over time with continued exposure. Small children are the most at risk of having serious health consequences. You should have the paint tested if your older Long Beach home has the possibility of containing lead paint. You may not even realize the danger until it’s too late. You can contact us at Tri Span for a complete evaluation and testing to find out if this a problem.

When the Problem Remains

Both encapsulating and enclosing the lead pain surfaces in your Long Beach home does not remove the problem. It can make it safer for a short amount of time, but the lead paint is still lurking. You will have to look for a more permanent solution at some point.

Encapsulation Failure

Encapsulating or repainting over the lead might seem like an affordable option, but the lead paint is right under the surface in Long Beach residence. Once the surface is scratched or wears down, the lead dust will once again be freed into the air you breathe.

Continued Risk With Enclosure Methods

Enclosure methods are simply placing new materials over the lead covered portions. It can include things like paneling and other wall coverings. Out of sight is not always the best solution. It can still begin to break down and find ways into the air you breathe in the Long Beach home.

Protect Your Resale Value

Choosing to keep the lead paint in your Long Beach home can directly impact the resale value. You are required to disclose the presence of this toxin before selling to another person. Complete removal is a better way to protect your home value.

Contact us at Tri SPan if you feel your Long Beach home might have lead paint. We will perform the necessary testing and provide an affordable way to remove it permanently.