Hidden Hazards of Los Angeles Smoke Damage

Hidden Hazards of Los Angeles Smoke Damage | Harbor Environmental Group

Hidden Hazards of Los Angeles Smoke Damage | Harbor Environmental GroupPeople tend to be thankful following a small house fire that property is not damaged more and that no one is injured. There are still hazards to deal with after extinguishing the flames. Below are a few of these problems that make hiring a professional smoke damage service a smart idea.

Smoke, Soot, and Mold Hazards

Inhaling smoke is one danger that fires present, no matter how small. The entire home can fill up quickly with thick smoke, making it difficult to safely find an exit. This same substance is a hazard after the fire is put out. The smoke and soot will coat everything throughout the home. All sorts of chemicals can be a part of this material, many proving to be cancer-causing. The water used to put a fire out can also set the area up for mold growth. You need an Orange County smoke damage service to remove these hazards from home safely.

Falling Debris

Walls, cupboards, overhead lighting, and other fixtures can loosen after experiencing fire and smoke damage. These items look secure at times, but can suddenly fall and strike someone, causing unexpected injury. Contractors in the Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County area will inspect the premises for these types of safety hazards. Do not enter damaged areas of the home until it has been deemed safe to do so by experts.

Weakened Floors and Roofing

There are two other areas to consider before deeming a smoke and fire damaged area safe. Flames that have accessed the ceiling, roof and flooring have the potential to weaken these parts of the structure. You do not want to end up with a broken leg or twisted ankle from falling through the floor. There is a realistic chance of severe head injuries from falling roofing materials. You need to have Orange County and Southern California area professionals in assessing smoke and fire damage inspect the entire structure and begin the process of rebuilding.

Ventilation Systems

There is one part of the home that has to be given attention in order to be sure you will completely rid the environment of smoke odors. The ventilation system is a series of metal corridors, normally placed under the home, that brings the air to each room from the HVAC system. No matter how small the fire was, there can be a huge odor left behind. The smoke and soot can coat the interior of the ventilation pipes, producing the smell of smoke every time you use the HVAC system. These need to be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate this problem.

Call on the smoke damage assessment and repair professionals at Harbor Environmental Group to safely and completely bring life back to normal after a fire. We are available in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside County area at any time.