Is Green Mold in Pasadena Homes Unhealthy?

Is Green Mold in Pasadena Homes Unhealthy? | Harbor Environmental Group

With most eyes focused on the dangers of black mold, many people fail to realize that exposure to green mold can cause symptoms and health problems as well. At Harbor Environmental Group, we tackle the worst mold infestations and provide complete relief.

What Is Green Mold And Is It Harmful?

One bad thing about green mold is the fact that many people falsely feel it is safe to be around due to the connection with penicillin. One particular type of green mold is used to derive the antibiotic penicillin, but the myriads of variances in green mold throughout nature are not safe to have in your Pasadena home. Once the green mold reaches a stage of reproductive maturity, it releases mycotoxins that are dangerous to inhale.

What Makes Green Mold A Green Color?

The types of spores that make up visible mold can be a variety of colors, including those that comprise green mold. No one scientific explanation is definite, but it is assumed the coloration has a lot to do with self-protection against the amoebas that naturally feed on mold. You can find the same spore types in colors of black, blue, yellow, white, and orange. All of it is considered to be equally harmful, although black mold tends to outlast others.

How to Rid Your Pasadena Home of Green Mold

It is difficult to rid your home of green mold once it has gotten a hold on growth and can spread to areas that are beyond your line of sight. Hiring a professional mold remediation service like Harbor Environmental Group is the best way to ensure it is completely gone. Our mold remediation specialists will completely remove, clean, and restore your home to a pre-mold condition.

How to Keep Green Mold Out of Your Pasadena Home

It is technically impossible to keep every green mold spore out of your home, but you can make it less inviting to stay. Arresting the growth and development of mold will keep it from becoming a problem. You can do things like

  • Provide good air circulation and ventilation
  • Use an air purifier/filtering system
  • Switch to slippers instead of shoes indoors
  • Change clothes after coming in from the outdoors
  • Allow natural light to flood the rooms
Call on mold remediation experts at Harbor Environmental Group if you suspect you have a green mold problem. We handle all levels of mold removal for the entire Pasadena area.