Fireplace Mold In Your San Bernardino County Home

Fireplace Mold In Your San Bernardino County Home | Harbor Environmental

Mold is found throughout the natural environment but can become a health hazard when it decides to set up housekeeping in your residence. Detection and professional removal are critical to making sure it is gone for good. At Harbor Environmental Group, we provide everything you need to get your home back to normal without spending a fortune.

Why Mold Grows In the Fireplace

The fireplace chimney in San Bernardino County might seem like a strange place to find mold, but it makes perfect sense when you think about the periods of non-use and the propensity to attract moisture. When not in use the chimney and fireplace are kept at a temperature that is slightly cooler than outdoors, which means it will gather moisture during the nighttime hours. The moisture, dim lighting, and mold spores are all that is needed to start a problem.

Detectable Musty Odors

One of the first signs the fireplace is developing a mold problem is the increasingly strong smell of mold. Black mold has an intense odor that is hard to miss. It is pungent and musty at the same time. Open the fireplace up and look inside the bottom portion of the chimney. The odor should increase if the mold is growing in the fireplace.

Look for Mold In Other Areas of the Room

Mold spores love to travel through the air and land on baseboards, walls and behind furniture close to the fireplace. Check these areas carefully for signs of growing mold.

Have the Air Tested for Mold

One definitive way to determine a mold problem is to have the air in the room and fireplace tested by San Bernardino County Professionals. If you get readings that are well above normal mold counts for outdoors, you have a mold problem in your home.

Hire Professional Mold Remediation Services to Remove the Problem

Hire an expert mold remediation company in San Bernardino County to help rid the fireplace and chimney of this growing problem. You do not want to waste valuable time and let the problem spread throughout the home. The entire area will have to have anti-fungal treatment after cleaning.

Contact Harbor Environmental Group to assist you in clearing mold from your San Bernardino County fireplace. We offer affordable services for professional mold remediation throughout the area.