Concerned about Asbestos Abatement in Irvine?

Are you concerned about the presence of asbestos in your Irvine property? Do you already know there are asbestos materials in your home or business, but you are unsure about the best abatement method for solving this problem?

Asbestos Abatement in Irvine Buildings

The hazards of asbestos are well-known. Since 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prohibited the use of asbestos in building materials in the United States due to dangerous health risks posed by products containing this mineral.

Before this time, asbestos was widely used in Irvine, and all over the country, in countless products due to its fire-protective properties. Asbestos fibers were mixed into flooring tiles, exterior siding products, composition roofing, sheetrock and sheetrock plastering compounds, also known as sheetrock mud.

But when these products are later disturbed during renovations or demolition, the dangerous dust and fibers can be inhaled or ingested by people, leading to long-term health risks, such as cancers and respiratory diseases which are difficult to treat and impossible to cure.

All asbestos is not the same. Some forms of asbestos are more dangerous than others, and it takes a specialist like the Harbor Environmental Group, serving the Irvine area, to detect whether or not asbestos was used in the construction of a building and what type of asbestos is present. Knowing the best abatement strategy for a particular asbestos hazard also takes experience, special equipment, trained workers, and special California contracting licenses.

Harbor Environmental Group is a partner of Tri Span, Inc., a general contracting company serving all of Orange County. Harbor is the construction partner specializing in all types of hazardous materials abatement and remediation, including asbestos abatement in Irvine buildings.

Harbor Environmental has extensive experience in developing the most cost-effective and safe solution for controlling asbestos hazards in your Irvine property.

If you own or manage residential or commercial property in Irvine and are concerned about asbestos hazards, contact Harbor Environmental Group, the experts in asbestos abatement.