Complete Los Angeles County Lead Abatement Services

Complete Los Angeles County Lead Abatement Services | Harbor Environmental

Old, lead-based paints are still present and creating problems in many Los Angeles County homes and businesses. Lead abatement is the process of removing lead-based paints along with the dust from these paints, making the building safe and healthy for people who live, work, or visit there.

Lead is a soft, naturally occurring metal which was added to paint until 1978 in the United States because it helped with drying of the paint and made it more moisture resistant. Unfortunately, lead in the paint can easily disintegrate into dust which can then be ingested by breathing the dust or when the dust settles on food or other objects which are then put into the mouth.

Children are especially susceptible to the health hazards posed by lead exposure in old paint, but anyone can be affected over time. Lead is a cumulative poison, meaning the body does not easily eliminate lead when it is ingested. Instead, lead accumulates in the body over time, leading primarily to neurological and cognitive health problems which are irreversible.

Lead Abatement Services in Los Angeles County

The procedures for lead abatement in Los Angeles County are developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All contractors who engage in lead abatement work in Los Angeles County are required by the EPA to be trained and certified for this type of hazardous materials mitigation work and must also have the appropriate California State Contracting licenses for demolition and hazardous materials handling.

Harbor Environmental Group is a company especially equipped, prepared, and licensed for lead abatement projects in Los Angeles County and other areas of Southern California, including San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Full services include property assessment and survey for the presence of lead, laboratory testing of samples, and comprehensive, cost-effective, and time sensitive solutions for lead abatement conducted by certified, trained, and experienced workers and supervisors.

Contact Harbor Environmental Group today for more information about lead abatement in your Los Angeles County building.

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